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Renault DUSTER - Caméra Multivues
multiview camera
Connected to the Media Nav system, the Multiview Camera shows the images from All-new DUSTER's four on-board cameras. It is triggered by reverse gear or by a simple touch of the dedicated button.
Renault DUSTER - Garde au sol surélevée
high ground clearance
Thanks to its angles of approach and departure designed for any terrain, All-new DUSTER easily tackles herbs, pavements and rocky surfaces.
Renault DUSTER - Aide au démarrage en côte
hill start assist
You can start with ease, without any risk of reversing or stalling, even on steep gradients.
Renault DUSTER - Système de contrôle en descente
hill descent control
To avoid skidding, Hill Descent Control maintains a slow and constant speed when descending steep gradients.


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