Renault Service

Maintain and repair the body of your Renault

Repair the body of your Renault

Stay calm, Renault Service takes care of everything. With or without an appointment. 
An accident ? A scratch?

We take care of everything :

  • we manage all administrative procedures with your insurer, 
  • we commit to a repair period, 
  • we provide you with a mobility solution during the immobilization of your car. 
You are not covered by your insurance?

No problem.  You can choose from a whole range of all-inclusive bodywork packages: parts, labor, paint, etc. You will find your Renault as new, for a price lower than that of your insurance deductible (from € 99 to € 449). €, depending on the fault to be repaired and the location on your car).

Repair packages
Green zones*

Damage less than 2,5cm
Damage from 2,5 à 5cm
Damage greater than 5cm from   
Red zones *
Damage less than à 2,5cm
Damage from 2,5 à 5cm
Damage greater than 5cm
Online quote
Simplicity and speed: find the most suitable package for your Renault in a few clicks.

Protect the body of your Renault

Is your Renault new? Protect it from all attacks. 
  • Glasscoat package: XX € for all vehicles:  impeccable and long-lasting shine, bodywork ready to face environmental attacks… Your car shines and resists dust for 5 years.
  • Clear Protect range :  no more paint chips on edges and door sills. Our invisible protective films protect them from everyday aggressions. Discover our Clear Protect range here
You can also find many professional quality maintenance products in our Renault workshops. 

Maintaining your Renault

Indoor / outdoor washing, dusting, buffing ... We offer all-inclusive packages to make your life easier.
Buffing package  
Elimination of micro scratches + polishing wax.
EXPRESS service 
External washing
+ body shampoo, 
+ cleaning windows, rims, 
+ insects.
INITIAL Service  
Interior cleaning & exterior washing 
+ suction of the Passenger,
+ dusting the dashboard console. 
PRIVILEGE service  
+  Manual cleaning of the cabin (door fittings, upholstery, carpets). 
+ brush cleaning of the rims,
+ rénovateur des plastiques extérieurs, 
+ nettoyage avec injecteur / extracteur de l'habitacle, 
+ renovation of interior plastics.
Renault Service esthétique - Carrosserie arrière de CLIO INITIALE Paris
Pamper your Renault
In Renault workshops, you will also find professional quality maintenance products at unbeatable prices: special rim or cabin cleaners, air fresheners, scratch-removing polish, etc.
And don't forget that for each visit to our workshops during an overhaul, we offer you the cleaning of your vehicle!
Make your life easier with Renault Service

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