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Guarantees and extensions

our guarantees

Renault guarantees included with the purchase of your vehicle

Renault manufacturer warranty
Renault manufacturer warranty - 2 or 3 years depending on the model  

24-hour assistance in the event of a capital breakdown and free repair of parts and labor.

Garantie Peinture

Painting warranty - 3 years 

Repair of elements with paint defects recognized by our specialists. 

Taking into account the general condition of the vehicle. See our user manual for more information. 

Garantie corrosion

Anti-corrosion guarantee - 12 years, unlimited mileage

Subject to compliance with the anti-corrosion checks carried out once every 2 years or at the mileage indicated in the maintenance booklet of your Renault.

Garantie réparation

Garantie réparation – 1 an pièces et main d’œuvre 

For all Renault vehicles and for all repairs carried out in the Renault network.

Windshield warranty - lifetime 

For the repair or replacement of your windshield in the Renault network.

our extensions

New vehicle warranty extension

Discover our Premium warranty extension
  • opt for tranquility   
    Avoid unexpected expenses and travel with peace of mind anywhere in Europe with Renault Assistance available 24/7.
  • balance your budget
    Monthly your extension service thanks to our financing offers. Enhance the resale of your vehicle thanks to the transferability of your extension contract.
  • choose the quality   
    Benefit from full coverage and support within the Renault network.

our extensions

Used vehicle warranty extensions

Blanket  Possible duration of the guarantee 
Renault Assistance 24 hours a day in Europe 
Excellence warranty extension 
Main parts (engine, transmission, gearbox, automatic bridge, turbo)  8  years 
included  Download brochure
Extension de garantie Standing
Mechanical, electrical and electronic failures (parts and labor included)  7  years  included  
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Renault Service
Do you want to buy your used vehicle from Renault?
Benefit from a guarantee of up to 6 years, whatever the brand of your vehicle, with the possibility of monthly payment of the amount of your guarantee. 
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