Renault Service

Renault Assistance : 0 800 05 15 15

24h/24 and 7/7 everywhere in Europe, on simple call. 

Our Renault Assistance services are offered to you throughout the Renault Guarantee for: 

  • help you out on the spot or organize your towing to the nearest Renault workshop, 
  • offer you mobility solutions to allow you to continue your journey or take charge of your accommodation in the event of prolonged immobilization of your vehicle. 
* General repair conditions 
Renault Assistance frequently asked Questions
Learn all about our various assistance services *. 
Breakdown assistance

With Breakdown Assistance, our teams take care of everything in the event of a mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown provided for in the manufacturer's warranty. Take advantage of Renault Assistance services without mileage deductible and as many times as necessary. 

Outside the warranty period for your vehicle, assistance may be offered to you for a fee. 

Accident assistance

With Accident Assistance, Renault Assistance supports you :

  • for all types of accidents immobilizing your Renault,
  • without mileage allowance and as many times as necessary,
  • whatever the model of your Renault. 
Manufacturer review with assistance
For any overhaul made in the network, Renault undertakes to guarantee your peace of mind by assisting you for 1 year, 24/7, until the next annual overhaul of your vehicle, in the event of a breakdown or accident. This service applies to any vehicle less than 7 years old. 
Puncture assistance

With the Puncture Assistance, we intervene for all damage on your tires: puncture, or any damage making the tire unusable and immobilizing your vehicle. 

We help you out   :

  • on site where we have your vehicle towed to the nearest Renault workshop, 
  • without mileage allowance, and as many times as necessary. 
Key loss / theft assistance

With Key Loss / Theft Assistance, we cover any issue related to the use of your keys or starter cards. 

We intervene :

  • in the event of theft, loss or malfunction of one of your keys or starter cards, 
  • without mileage allowance and as many times as necessary. 
Fuel error assistance

With Fuel Error Assistance, you benefit from Renault Assistance services regardless of the model of your Renault:

  • for any error or fuel Failure,
  • without mileage allowance and as many times as necessary.
Rescue code
Every second counts in a serious accident. The Rescue code, QR code to be affixed behind your windshield as well as on the rear window, provides all the technical information necessary for rescue teams and firefighters to intervene quickly on your vehicle. Only the latter can decode it. 
* Cover offered according to contract