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Renault Minute

Renault Minute makes every effort to offer you a service that adapts to your lifestyle. 

Our 3 assets to save you time

  • Immediate care with or without an appointment.   
    Thanks to our extended hours: 6 days a week, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. continuously. 

  • Reduced downtime.   
    Vehicle operations will take no more than half a day, drop off your vehicle in the morning and find it during your lunch break. 

  • A suitable and clear estimate upon your arrival.   
    No unpleasant surprises at the end of the intervention. A consulting mechanic is at your service and provides you with all the support you need. 

Our solutions to meet your needs


At Renault Minute, we carry out your revisions in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. We offer all-inclusive parts and labor packages based on the wear of your vehicle.

> More info on our revision package.


Because the condition of your brakes conditions your safety, Renault Minute guarantees you a quick and suitable replacement of your brake discs and pads. 

> More info on our braking package 


So that your handling is ideal whatever the conditions, Renault Minute takes care of replacing your tires by offering you the biggest brands. 

> More info on our tire package 


So that your mobility is never hampered, Renault Minute tests and replaces your battery. 

> More infos on our prices battery pakage

Air conditioner

Summer and winter, the air conditioning must be recharged and its filters changed regularly. At Renault Minute, we change your filters and recharge your air conditioning with the recommended gas so that the air inside your vehicle is always as pure as possible. 

> More info on our air conditioning packages


At Renault Minute we repair or replace all the glass parts of your vehicle (windshield, headlights, lights).

> More infos on our visibility package


Worn out shock absorbers can cause loss of grip. At Renault Minute, we check your shock absorbers and, if necessary, we can replace them with original parts  .

> More infos on our shock absorbers package 


Your exhaust is the determining element for compliance with noise and anti-pollution standards. At Renault Minute, we replace or repair it with original parts that meet the standards and recommendations of the manufacturer of your vehicle. 

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