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Renault Service Carrosserie

Renault Service Carrosserie offers you all the solutions to keep the body and windshield of your vehicle intact. 

Our 3 assets that will make you choose Renault Service Carrosserie

  • Simplify your life.   
    Renault Service Carrosserie takes care of the technical expertise of your vehicle and administrative procedures with your insurer in the event of a claim.
  • Take advantage of 100% original Renault parts.   
    We repair your vehicle according to the methods recommended by the manufacturer, with original parts and paints specific to your vehicle. 
  • Stay mobile.   
    A dedicated fleet of replacement vehicles is available to you when your vehicle is immobilized. 

Our solutions to meet your needs

Windshield and mirror

At Renault Service Carrosserie, we take care of your vehicle and administrative procedures to guarantee your peace of mind. Take advantage of original parts and the franchise offered. If you are not covered by your insurance, we will make you benefit from suitable packages for billing without surprise. 

> More info on our windshield services


At Renault Service Carrosserie, we offer adapted packages based on the repairs to be carried out on your bodywork. 

> More info on our bodywork services


At Renault Minute Carrosserie, we respect the manufacturer's paint code because we use the original paint for your vehicle.

> Discover our paint warranty

Optiques : rénovation

Over time, your optics can become tarnished. At Renault Service Carrosserie, we put our polishing and refinishing techniques at your disposal to restore their original shine. 

>  More info on the maintenance of your optics


Your rims are elements that are particularly subject to deterioration (shocks, stones, etc.). Repair your rims to give them a new life. 

> More info on the maintenance of your rims


Did you know that repair by polishing and varnishing can make your body "heal" without painting? You can also prevent body scratches, thanks to the Glasscoat solution (anti-scratch protection).  

>  More info on protecting your body

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