Renault KANGOO EXPRESS equipment

Renault KANGOO EXPRESS adapts to all of your business needs. Adjustable, well-equipped, comfortable... It will change your life! 

Business features
Modular layout

Renault KANGOO
3 front seats
With its driver's seat and two-seat passenger bench, Renault KANGOO Express offers you three seats in the front. There is a large storage area available under the bench seat, while the independently folding seat backs can be used as tables or for carrying long objects.  
Renault KANGOO
folding passenger seat
You can fold down the front passenger seat to form a flat floor and enjoy a longer loading length. The length achieved is 2.1 m, 2.5 m or 2.9 m depending on the length of the vehicle. 
Renault KANGOO
sliding rear roof flap
The sliding hinged rear roof flap allows you to transport long and bulky items vertically. Enjoy an opening length of 47 cm and an opening width of up to 1 m. 
Partions and protection

Renault KANGOO
a wide range of partitions
Tubular partitions, fully panelled, glazed, meshed? Choose from our wide range of partitions.  
Renault KANGOO
rotating mesh partition
Do you want to load long objects and stay safe in transit? Nothing could be easier with the rotating mesh partition. 
Renault KANGOO
wooden trim kit
Optimal protection for your loading zone. Featuring a non-slip wooden floor and side boards, the wooden trim kit provides you with made-to-measure protection. 
Specific equipment

Renault KANGOO
increased payload
Need to load even more? The increased payload option increases the maximum load of your Renault KANGOO Express from 650 kg to 800 kg. 
Renault KANGOO
building site pack
Need to travel on rough terrain? Choose the building site pack: Your Renault KANGOO Express will benefit from sheet metal protection under the engine and high ground clearance. And for rougher terrain, our X-Track traction collection will be your greatest ally. 


Renault KANGOO
cruise control-speed limiter
Set your cruising speed or maximum speed using the cruise control or speed limiter functions. Simply press the steering column controls a few times. That's all there is to it! 
Renault KANGOO
height-adjustable steering wheel and seat
For optimum comfort, you can adjust the steering wheel and the height of your seat. You'll be ready to rack up the miles in complete comfort.
Renault KANGOO
electric mirrors and windows
Depending on the option chosen, enjoy electric windows – one-touch on the driver's side – and electric wing mirrors, equipped with a defrosting system. With the City Pack option, they are also power folding.  


    Renault KANGOO
    glove box
    With a generous 15-litre volume, it can hold a laptop or even a hard hat.
    Renault KANGOO
    dashboard storage
    Easily accessible, it can hold pens, notepads, schedules or order books in an A4 format. 
    Renault KANGOO
    central storage console with armrest
    Nothing is out of place with this handy storage facility. Cups, bottles up to 1.5 L, CDs... Everything is in order. 
    Renault KANGOO
    roof rack
    In the driver's cabin, also enjoy a large, deep storage space above the windscreen!



    Renault KANGOO
    r-link evolution
    With a modern interface and carefully designed graphics, the R-Link Evolution touch screen multimedia system gives you easy access to innovative and practical features: TomTom navigation, pre-installed applications (email, R-LINK Tweet, Weather, Renault Assistance, etc.), hands-free telephony with Bluetooth, voice recognition... 
    Renault KANGOO
    100% usb radio and bluetooth®
    All equipped with USB ports and Bluetooth ®, our radios allow you to enjoy your portable multimedia content. And if your telephone is compatible, you can even make hands-free calls. 


    Renault KANGOO
    Go forth where others turn back! With its limited slip differential, X-Track technology allows you to take on any terrain. Particularly useful on site, the system limits the power supplied to the wheel with the least grip and transfers at least 25% of the power to the opposite wheel to allow you to deal with all sorts of conditions. Ruts, mud, sand, etc. Nothing can stop you! 
    Renault KANGOO
    extended grip
    Sand, mud or snow in sight? Activate the Extended Grip feature. A green icon appears on the dashboard and the "loose ground" message indicates that the system has been triggered. Coupled with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), it allows you to regain traction on loose or slippery terrain. 

          Traction: X-Track or Extended Grip?  

    X-Track (as an option on specific versions) - TO BE LOCALISED BY THE COUNTRY 
    Use / Terrain  Intense / Challenging terrain and worksites 
    Sheet metal underbody protection  Metal protection - 3mm under engine / 2 mm under body  
    Reinforced suspension  L1 : +25 mm (unladen) /+22 mm (laden)
    L2 : +20 mm (unladen) /+17 mm (laden) 
    Tyres  Custom "Mud & Snow" tyres 
    Activation  Always active 
    Deactivation  Always active 

    Extended Grip (standard) 
    Uses / Terrain  Occasional / Challenging roads 
    Sheet metal underbody protection   Optional (alone or with "Tout Chemin-Chantier" option) 
    Reinforced suspension  Optional ("Tout Chemin-Chantier" option) 
    Tyres  Standard tyres or "All weather" (optional) 
    Activation  Manual with button when stopped or when driving 
    Deactivation   Manual when stopped or driving, automatic above 50 km/h 
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