The Renault mark

Life, with passion

It is the passion which inspires to us and animates us with the daily newspaper. We thus put our passion at your service, so that our products and our services allow you, you also, to live your life with passion.

 What makes our difference? 
French Design

A sensual and cordial style, inside as outside... as of the innovating concepts which renew the codes of the automobile market. 

It is what we call French Design. 

Easy Life
Our promise is to accompany you, meet your needs and to facilitate the life to you so that you can benefit from it even more.  

Our expertises


The automobile sport is in the heart of our history. Formula 1™ in Renault Series Sport, we are animated by this passion of the competition. 

Our single prize list is the fruit of our expertise and our know-how. Beyond our experiment on the circuits of the whole world, our objective is to bring to you the best of our technologies R.S. through our range of sporting vehicles.  
Renault Z.E.

Pioneers and leader of electric mobility, we want to make the use daily of the vehicles electric 100% increasingly easier and accessible, thanks to our line of goods, our dedicated solutions and our services.

Zero stress, zero emission with the use, simple to lead and reload, our range of vehicles for the private individuals and the professionals will be able to adapt to your daily needs while answering the environmental stakes for today and tomorrow. 
You best of French Design the with INITIAL one PARIS offer. Its distinctive design, its top-of-the-range materials, its audio system of high quality and technology MULTI-SENSE according to the model, INITIAL PARIS associates best our know-how for an experiment which inspires your directions with the daily newspaper.   
Renault Pro+
Renault Pro+, it is a range of commercial vehicles, services and a network dedicated to the professionals. 

Our ambition? You to simplify the life, with adapted solutions fulfilling the requirements of your trade and improving the effectiveness of your activity. 

With you every day

Renault EASY CONNECT offers connected services of new generation for your ways. Benefit from a complete range of solutions to save time and to remain connected to your numerical life or your activities, in all simplicity. 
MY Renault
Thanks to your application MY Renault, benefit from a space personalized with councils, offers, exclusive advantages, the recall of the programme of maintenance of your vehicle, your next appointments... 

We put all works about it to facilitate your daily newspaper! 

Our technologies

La marque Renault
Among our integrated systems multi-media, R-LINK 2 and R-LINK Evolution propose an experiment of intuitive and connected control to you. 
La marque Renault
Activate MULTI-SENSE since your integrated shelf R-LINK 2 and let parameterize it all embarked technologies of control of your vehicle. 
La marque Renault
Control your trajectory in all circumstances thanks to exclusive technology 4CONTROL for a single experiment of control. 

Quality, our daily commitment

For more than 120 years, we have accompanied you in your displacements with the daily newspaper. Confidence that you grant us to us is essential to advance.

 It is for that that we engage, of the design until in our concessions and our workshops, so that all our vehicles and services answer requirements of quality and durability. Your satisfaction is our priority. 
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