Renault Tech

For 10 years, Renault Tech, subsidiary company specialized in the transformations overmeasure, have accompanied the Renault Group in the development and the production by installations overmeasure on the particular and utility vehicles.   

The overmeasure industrialist for all

Explore a broad pallet of transformations and personalizations bound for the professionals like private individuals. 

A complete, varied offer, adapted and in permanent evolution

With Renault Tech, Renault is the only manufacturer to mobilize an industrial device of transformations, to show themselves with the listening of all its customers with reactivity and to maintain an objective quality in conformity with the standards of the Renault Group. 
Installations respect the standards quality of Renault-Nissan Alliance. All the operations are carried out without deterioration on the structure of the vehicle during the assembly of the equipment. Moreover, certain transformations are reversible making it possible to optimize the value of resale of the vehicle. 
Thanks to its establishments in the heart of the factories of the Renault Group, there is no additional logistic cost when Renault Tech carries out your installations. 
Whatever your request, the engagement of Renault Tech is to deliver a vehicle transformed within the same times as a standard vehicle. 
SAV & Guarantee
A revision? A repair? A question about your vehicle? The Renault network is your interlocutor. The after-sales service Renault Tech is in support of the network of Renault dealers. It assists it in the diagnoses, provides the spare parts and deals with the requests for guarantee (parts and labour). The warranty period of the adaptations always follows that of the basic vehicle. 

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