Renault TWIZY, what does it cost?

Your budget

The running costs of Renault TWIZY depend solely on the battery hire offer you have chosen and the price of a "full power charge". When you buy a Renault TWIZY, everything is included, our offer includes the battery rental.

with Renault Z.E., the battery is always hired

Our battery rental service

We offer you an all-inclusive rental agreement that meets your needs in terms of mileage and duration. If you run out of power, we even cover the towing of your Renault TWIZY to the charging point of your choice.* 
What exactly does the battery rental cover?
Battery rental, which starts from €30 inclusive of taxes, covers two essential services: availability, at all times and for the full term of the agreement, of a working battery with a charging capacity greater than 75% of its maximum charge, and comprehensive breakdown assistance, even if you run out of power. Rental prices are identical for Renault TWIZY and Renault TWIZY 45 and depend on the duration and annual mileage.

Km covered / yr  

Contract duration  
Up to 2,500 
5 0007 50010 000
36 months 
40€ 50€ 60€
24 months 
35€ 45€ 55€ 65€
12 months   40€ 50€ 60€ 70€
Monthly price including taxes. Battery rental including breakdown assistance .

how much does charging cost?

Your full charge budget with the Renault TWIZY

Re-charge at home, re-charge everywhere. 
Your home charging budget
On average, it costs less than €1* to fully charge your Renault TWIZY. 

*The battery stores 6.2 kWh. To work out the exact cost of charging your Renault TWIZY at home, you need to multiply the cost per kWh on your bill by 6.2. 
Your budget away from home
If you need to charge up when you are not at home, you can use the network of charging stations from the car pooling group Autolib. All you need to do is to take out a subscription which will cost just €15 in administration fees for the first year, with no further charge thereafter. It costs €1 an hour to use between 8 am and 8 pm, with a €4 cap between 8 pm and 8 amAlternatively you get a one-hour charge free each day at one of the 875 charge points installed in dealerships in France. You can also re-charge for free in certain supermarket car parks.
Ready to drive electric with Renault TWIZY?
* Within 80 km.