Renault TWIZY makes life fun : The last word in urban design

The future is now. The TWIZY, the ultra-mobile free spirit, will reinvent your city life. You've never seen anything like it. Its completely innovative design is guided by its mission: to wrap you in freedom. Feel free, feel TWIZY!  

what kind of Twizy are you?

Customise your Renault TWIZY

Create your very own Renault TWIZY! There are an impressive number of possible combinations! Exterior colours, interior design, decals, hubcaps or coloured wheel rims, you can customise your Renault TWIZY to your taste. 
Renault Twizy - Profil
exterior colours
Your are the artist. Mix the colours with the Renault TWIZY pack. You can choose from four bodywork colours (blue, red, white, black), four colours for the arches (blue, red, white, black), three wheel rim colours (blue, red, black), black or white seat shells… There are many combinations when it comes to creating your trendy little work of art! 
Renault TWIZY - Intérieur bleu et noir
interior design
Get the look! On Renault TWIZY INTENS, the upholstery matches the colour of the bodywork and rear view mirrors*. 

*Customisation available with door option.
Renault TWIZY - profil
matching door and wheel rim decals
For a bolder, more fun look, Renault TWIZY offers a range of decals with matching doors and wheel rims. Choose between urban electro light show and stylish black and white graphics to show off your Renault TWIZY world and take centre stage. 
Renault TWIZY - Jantes Altica 13 pouces
13" Altica diamond-cut wheel rims
Choose customisation down to the very last detail. It's all about the accessories! Coordinate the Altica wheel rims (available in blue, black, green or red) with the colour of your Renault TWIZY. Results guaranteed! 
Ready to drive electric with Renault TWIZY?