Renault TWIZY

a fun, practical and economical two-seater electric vehicle for your urban journeys.

Renault TWIZY

Fun in everyday life

Renault TWIZY blanche - Design Extérieur

reinvent your journeys

Travel differently! Renault TWIZY is the perfect vehicle for getting around the city. Discover its ground-breaking design and its futuristic architecture. 
Renault TWIZY - scène urbaine

simplify the city

No longer worry about going out because you might not be able to park. With Renault TWIZY, you can park anywhere! Cinema, restaurant, whatever you fancy! 
Renault TWIZY - Design intérieur tableau de bord

experience innovation

Packed with technologies, Renault TWIZY is your new best friend. With its on-board computer, driving has never been so easy! 
Renault TWIZY - Airbag de sécurité déclenché

enjoy a relaxed drive

Renault TWIZY is more than just fun and practical. It is also reliable and safe. Its tubular chassis, developed by Renault Sport, protects you in the event of impact.  

designed to enhance your professional mobility

Renault TWIZY Cargo

Load, carry and unload... it's easy! Perfect for transporting goods around town, Renault TWIZY Cargo has a large 180 L boot and a payload of 75 kg.

completely electric

Electric utility! With Renault TWIZY, Renault provides a unique clean energy solution for city life. Your Renault TWIZY Cargo can be charged using a domestic power point in just 3 ½ hours and has a driving range of 100 km in urban cycle. Available in 45 or 80 km/h, just get in and drive.

completely practical

Somewhere between a scooter and a van, Renault TWIZY Cargo offers you a unique alternative. Its rear door opens to 90° to reveal a large boot that can hold all sorts of packages. Loading, driving, parking and unloading have never been so easy. The agile Renault TWIZY will always find a spot on the corner of the street. It can even be parked in a bay with the back door to the pavement!

fully visible

An effective publicity tool for your business, Renault TWIZY Cargo is fully customisable with your own decals.
Zero emission, zero noise, fully electric and fully fun: Renault TWIZY Cargo delivers a completely positive image. 

simply electric

Take advantage of our turn-key solution

With the purchase of your Renault TWIZY, you benefit from all the necessary services and appropriate responses to your needs. Let it guide you!
Renault TWIZY - En route

your battery always in perfect working order

Under your battery hire contract, you have the guarantee of always having a battery in perfect working order, with charging capacity of at least 75% of its original capacity. 
Renault TWIZY - Recharge facile - prise 220V

re-charge at home

Easy charging! Renault TWIZY can be charged on a standard 220V - 10A domestic socket.
Renault TWIZY - Utilitaire en réparation

a breakdown? A need?

With the battery hire, you benefit from assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For your long journeys, we also guarantee you the short-term hire of fuel-powered vehicle under preferential conditions through our network of European partners. 

simplicity and peace of mind

Our services for your Renault Z.E.

Experience peace of mind. Take advantage of our complete range of Renault Z.E. services.
In addition to the 24-7 assistance included in the hire of your battery, we offer you guarantee extensions and maintenance contracts specifically adapted to your Renault Z.E. Also find out more about our mobility offer and take advantage of our preferential tariffs for the rental of fuel-powered vehicles for your long journeys.

Technical features

Services for electric vehicles

Our services for your Renault Z.E.

In addition to the 24/7 assistance included in your battery rental, we offer extended warranties and maintenance contracts specifically adapted to your Renault Z.E. Also discover our mobility offer and take advantage of our preferential rates for thermal vehicle rental for your long journeys.


Main dimensions

Renault TWIZY - Pictogramme voiture

2338 mm

Overall length
Renault TWIZY - Pictogramme voiture

1381 mm

Overall width with mirrors

Ready to drive electric with Renault TWIZY?