Renault TWIZY's flagship equipment

Renault TWIZY is emotion for two, with 4 wheels and 2 seats that welcome you in tandem. Comfortable, modern and safe, it 's THE urban vehicle  excellence.

Simplify the city

Forget the usual questions that might put you off going out. Where will I park? Anywhere! Compact, Renault TWIZY parks in the smallest of spaces. What will I wear? Whatever you want, your Renault TWIZY provides you with shelter. Who will I go with? Choose wisely - its two seats are nice and cosy. 


Experience innovation

Looking for something different? What luck! Renault TWIZY is bursting with technology. On-board computer, energy recovery, fuel saver, etc. Discover everything it has to offer. 


Drive safely

Smile, you're protected! Renault TWIZY features provide real active safety. In terms of passive safety, there's never been anything like it on such an easy-to-handle vehicle. Drive fun and free-spirited! 
Ready to drive electric with Renault TWIZY?
*Available as an option.