full charge? No problem.

How do you charge your Renault TWIZY?

Re-charge simply and rapidly. There is no need for a specific installation as Renault TWIZY plugs into any domestic power socket. 
Charging time
Connect to a standard wall socket and your Renault TWIZY charges from 0% to 100% in just 3½ hours. You can monitor the status of the battery charge via the onboard computer.There is no memory effect. You can charge Renault TWIZY at any time, however much energy there is left.
Where can you charge?
At home: on a classic domestic socket. 

Away from home: on all public charging stations, old and new generation* via the standard charging cable**. 
Ready to drive electric with the Renault TWIZY?
* Government Green Book, April 2011.   
** Optional